Coast to Coast Challenge


So....Grimsby to Liverpool. Walking 140 miles across the country in 7 days. What on earth were Cat and Kirsty thinking of??? They met through a wonderful Association called Ladies Circle and have become great friends. After a weekend of celebrating LC's 80th birthday (because there is always drink involved in these decisions, right? RIGHT??) and having been inspired by the stories of Ladies Circle patrons, members of the Women's Coxless Crew that crossed the Pacific Ocean in 2015, they decided that they needed a challenge and their (slightly mad) idea of walking coast to coast was born.

Cat is 37 and an experienced walker. She's had a difficult couple of years, suffering from Lyme Disease and in her own words she decided to do the challenge "because I need to prove to myself that Lyme disease isn't it, that I'm still me!"

Kirsty is 45 and a novice walker. In January 2017 she was very overweight and couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath and knew it was time to make a change. 16 months later, almost 5 stone lighter and a hell of a lot fitter, she's raring to go and test herself!

This is their story.