How do I become friends with Professor Brian Cox?


Paul Clarke, Brian Cox cropped, CC BY 3.0It is New Year's Eve. I haven't been invited to any parties. I wonder what other people are doing. I saw next door have a takeaway delivered. Maybe they are staying in too. I realised today that my last new year party was about 10 years ago. New Year's Eve isn't anything special but I guess it makes you think about the future. Why didn't anyone invite me to a party? I'm fun, right?

Sometimes I think I might be living the wrong life. I see famous people on the TV and they seem to have a nice, interesting life. They all seem to be friends with each other. How do I join the gang? I'm interesting, right? Although I'm not that into the trendy new clubs so how would we meet?

It would be good to have an intelligent group of friends. To have a chat with them. I am more of a coffee and talk sort of person. How do I get them? I'm smart, right? I need to do something to appeal to them. Get noticed. Next year I am going to change my life.

I have decided next year to have a life so great that interesting, smart people want to hang around with me. I don't mind which ones they all sort of know each other. Brian Cox seems nice. I bet he is having a nice New Year. He is probably enjoying a cheese fondue right now and playing board games. Smart, board games. People are probably laughing at his jokes right now. "Oh, Brian you are so funny. Tell us more about entropy or pluto." I could say that. I am perfectly capable of laughing at Professor Brian Cox's jokes.

I pledge to you. That I will try and make a life so that Professor Brian Cox, or someone like him, would at least want to say hello. I can do that and I will.

Happy New Year!